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Using the cloud enables a nimble business and we recommend it as the first choice for new implementations. METAVERO’s assessment services explore how Oracle cloud and public cloud products can address your business needs.

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METAVERO’s project leadership provides clients with a unique, cross-functional skillset bridging finance and IT to maximize end-to-end process improvements. With more than 25 combined years of direct Fortune 500 experience, our leadership blends finance and information technology viewpoints.

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Augment your existing team’s Hyperion skill-set and bandwidth with our managed services, providing dedicated monthly resourcing and service levels. Consider a customized support pack, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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METAVERO is an Oracle Gold partner with a focus on the following services:

Implementation services
Application and Infrastructure support packs
Upgrades and platform migrations
Managed Services

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Password Attack

Dusting some things off here post Kscope 15.  This doesn’t look like it saw the light of day. As an aside still has the password should contain no special characters clause.  Do read the last few sentences if you use products requiring the repository...

Exalytics and the "Secret Sauce"

Just getting back from Kscope15 where I saw most of the familiar blog folks (in no particular order): Glenn Schwartzberg, Cameron Lackpour, Tim Tow, Tim German, Francisco Amores, Sarah Zumbrum, Celvin K, and John Goodwin. Cameron convinced several of us a second book...

Metavero EPM Starter (automation)

This is a draft in process post. [code language=”powershell”] Function Start_EPM_Service { param ($service_name, $server, $port, $Form, $Label) $socket = new-object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient("", $port) # If there is no connection to...

EPM Test Drive Quattro

Do you want to get your feet wet with Oracle’s EPM however dread the long download time for the gigabytes of files or don’t have a server handy? Oracle allows for use of their software for evaluation and prototyping in non-production environments...

Who moved my data?

An homage to “Who moved my cheese?” One of my colleagues had a client request to turn on data auditing in Hyperion Planning Seems they have multiple people forecasting the same cost centers which was causing some confusion. The “my data is...

Installation check "diskspace" failed…..

We’re working with a client on an upgrade where Essbase and Essbase Studio are on a Red Hat 5.6 Linux box.   Funnily enough a rival consulting firm said you shouldn’t use Linux for Hyperion due to memory leaks (I called BS on that fast). So on to the...

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