Just make it work

Just Scrub It!

While working on an ASO optimization problem we need to use the full data set however have it be scrubbed. Based on client preference I went down the MS route and started using Regular Expressions in VB Script.  This quickly became a frustrating exercise as these “Regular Expressions” do not […]

Password Attack

Dusting some things off here post Kscope 15.  This doesn’t look like it saw the light of day. As an aside still has the password should contain no special characters clause.  Do read the last few sentences if you use products requiring the repository creation utilities also (RCU) as […]

Who moved my data?

An homage to “Who moved my cheese?” One of my colleagues had a client request to turn on data auditing in Hyperion Planning Seems they have multiple people forecasting the same cost centers which was causing some confusion. The “my data is gone” is always an interesting conversation; the […]

First Look –

I had the opportunity today to get my hands on the upcoming release.   It’s looking very good.   My guess on release date this year is April 22nd. The quick take away’s from in installations point of view are: You may configure all databases at once.  This means a […]


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