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First Look –

I had the opportunity today to get my hands on the upcoming release.   It’s looking very good.   My guess on release date this year is April 22nd. The quick take away’s from in installations point of view are: You may configure all databases at once.  This means a […]

Time to move the blog

Moving Time I’ve decided to move the blog to a WordPress hosted blog.  The main decision driving this is it’s easier to manage and if something obviously breaks I can contact someone rather than being the person to contact.   Wanting to do too many things drives this. What this […]

A book you say?

A book you say? The blog has gotten a little dusty over the last 9 months. What’s been going on?  Business has been booming at Emerging Solutions and our Q4 FY11 was busier than ever for my Hyperion and OBIEE Infrastructure Practice. Cameron Lackpour my partner in crime on Network […]


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