There is quite a chain on Network 54 Essbase forum regarding Hybrid.

If you haven’t heard yet Hybrid is the future of the Essbase OLAP engine combining the Block Storage and Aggregate Storage Engines together for the best of both world.  The release is the best place to begin your Hybrid journey.  Currently cross-dimensional operators force the engine from Hybrid mode back to full Block Storage mode — we are told a forth coming patch will address this soon.

So back to licensing.

Products which confer ASO usage also confer Hybrid Usage.   Expect future licensing documents to clarify this better.

To use Hybrid (for real) in Planning on-prem your planning users of the app where Hybrid is enabled need one of the following licenses:

  • Enterprise Financial Planning Suite
  • Project Financial Planning Module
  • Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Module
  • BI Foundation Suite
  • Essbase Plus

The always handy EPM Licensing Guide documents which products give Aggregate Storage (ASO) rights.

As of June 1, 2016 – Latest Estimate for EPM Cloud Services having Hybrid is December CY16.

Get Hyper Smart!

John A. Booth