What I really want for Christmas (or Easter) is Exalytics X5-2 (a cry out to product management)

At Kscope15 this year we see Oracle is talking about the newest model in the X series of Exalytics the X5-4. The X5-4 is the bigger brother to the X4-4. Both the 4-4 and 5-4 have three variable clock speeds under loads — this means under low load the CPU’s (cores) operate at a higher speed and under the largest load at a speed which allows the chip to not over-heat.  They are both use Intel Xeon E7-8000 series of processors.

So why smaller John?  Isn’t bigger always better?  The challenge is when a company purchases two Exalytics machines and places  one and only one one Exalytics box in production. High availability is not an option at that point in time.  You can do some interesting architectures mixing Exalytics and non-Exalytics however the products you put on Exalytics in a given environment need a separate Exalytics to maintain availability.    Ideally your QA/Staging area is also the same architecture as your production environment to facilitate test of load, patches, and assure you that the test in your non-production equates to a like behavior in your production environment.

The infrastructure consultant is now brought in and we cringe that you have one physical machine (basket) with all your applications (eggs) in a given environment.

It makes for an unhappy Easter Bunny if he drops that critical basket and there isn’t another basket ready to run with.

What am I asking for?

Let’s have two half size Exalytics servers that are used to form a cluster (always) in a given environment. This 36 core hypothetical X5-2 Exalytics server can have 4 virtual machines on it for a total of 8 virtual machines across two servers in a given environment.

Web apps are clustered across each equally, enterprise WebLogic is licensed for those OBIEE users who want high availability.   For Essbase one node is active and one passive.

Check out the Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 – one of these with 768GB of ram in each node and we are good to go!

Do you have Exalytics questions? Feel free to reach out.

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John A. Booth