Dusting some things off here post Kscope 15.  This doesn’t look like it saw the light of day.

As an aside still has the password should contain no special characters clause.  Do read the last few sentences if you use products requiring the repository creation utilities also (RCU) as it has some slightly conflicting requirements.

Some days I wonder about my chosen profession.   Typically it’s the days where nothing seems to be working right (usually a specific install more than the whole set of things).

What happens when you allow your clients to choose passwords?

I’ve ran into two situations in the last year on the release where passwords which were chosen by clients caused pretty un-fun installation woes.

Situation 1: Within two weeks of the release of  The 25 character password — if password complexity is good surely a longer password is more secure!

Outcome 1: The password worked mostly.   The mostly part is where it gets fun.  This happened to break down on the security import from the old system.  My philosophy is don’t try to test the bounds of the software testers as you will find something somewhere that doesn’t deal

Situation 2: I have recently began suggesting clients key in their own passwords so that they do not feel the need to immediately go through a password change procedure.   Sometimes we have passwords, sometimes we don’t.

Outcome 2: More recent on a with all the latest patches at the time I came upon an issue where several products were not configuring and/or deploying as expected.  This was a well known configuration, full physical servers, and after three re-installations one of which I decided to put in my own password.  Oddly enough the password I selected worked which didn’t contain <, >, %, &, ‘, “, or _.   Most of those characters if not escaped properly cause issues with SQL statements.  The ampersand and greater than/less than symbols cause issues for systems not escaping or converting for web.

To cap this off the Oracle RCU (Repository Creation Utility) doesn’t like passwords starting with numerals.   You use the RCU for products like Oracle Data Integrator or OBI/BI Foundation Suite.

The Rapid Deployment Guide for Essbase shows:

The Rapid Deployment Guide for Essbase shows: