The fun thing (or not so fun sometimes) about installing the Hyperion suite of products is the occasional quirk you run across.  Today’s post is about one of those.   This one less annoying than some and more than others.

In a new environment one of my team was having difficulty getting Essbase Administration Services to deploy.

Google, forum searches, and My Oracle Support searches were not helpful.  I knew it was complicated enough I was not going to call Oracle Support and work through the typical process.  The thing about infrastructure compared to the functional side is we have to solve things in a matter of hours.  A few days delay and our schedule and work pipeline are potentially all out of whack.

The Problem

Essbase Administration Services which was on a separate server from the Weblogic Administration Server would not deploy properly.

The below error showed up in the EAS sysout log:

The error was Failed to create App/Comp mbeans for AppDeploymentMBean RAFRAMEWORK# Error – No META-INF/application.xml was found in the EAR RAFRAMEWORK#

We immediately went to the Web server which had Foundation and Reporting and Analysis Services (this wasn’t our typical infrastructure however something we had to work with — not that this in itself would cause this problem).  Starting the RA Framework Web service also gave a similar error as above which narrowed the scope of the problem.

The Solution

I decided a partial re-install was necessary.  First we backed out 3 patches related to Reporting and Analysis framework.  Removal of one patch made light of a problem with the raframework.ear file which was staged in the installableApps folder.

On inspection it was clear the raframework.ear file was corrupt.  The file header looked proper however the file size was 116 bytes (obviously not how big it should be).

We continued removal of each patch and then did a re-installation of the Reporting and Analysis components.  Application of the patches then gave us a raframework.ear file which was in the acceptable range (just shy of 5 MB).

John A. Booth