EPM Test Drive Deux

Since KSCOPE12 I’ve had some time to configure the Metavero release and that’s what this post is about.

Do you want to get your feet wet with however dread the long download time for the gigabytes of files or don’t have a server handy?

The word on the street is the major patch set PSU1 will come out sometime in the September time frame.  Once that patch set is out I will be recommending this version for all.

Oracle allows for use of their software for evaluation and prototyping in non-production environments with minimal restrictions and one of the easiest ways to take advantage of this is a cloud environment.

I’ve put together a basic installation which includes most of the media downloads and the following products already deployed:

  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Planning and Essbase
  • Essbase Studio
  • FDQM and ERPi
  • HFM
  • EPMA and Calculation Manager
  • Financial Reporting Studio and Print Server

You may kick the tires and also deploy some of the other products already there or download and install anything else!

NOTE: This AMI is in no way intended for any production purposes and using it for such is against Oracle licensing rules.

For those of you who are Amazon EC2 savvy I’ve installed and deployed several of the products on the cloud; check out:

AMI: ami-ef933886 – epmtestdrive ii – Metavero Hyperion EPM Test Drive; use m2.xlarge or m1.xlarge instances.

Windows: administrator, epmtestdrive
Shared Services: admin, epmtestdrive
Weblogic: epm_admin, epmtestdrive123
SQL Server: hypsql, hypsql

NOTE: Remember to setup your security group to allow RDP (3389) and be sure to shutdown your Amazon machine when you don’t use.  $1.00 / hour is inexpensive however can add up.  The image is set to shutdown at 1:00 central time each night just in case you forget.  Edit the task to change the shutdown time.

Use the below information and Cameron Lackpour’s nice walkthrough to get started.  Firefox works best with Amazon EC2.

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12 replies

  1. Great stuff! Would you consider creating a similar AMI for EPM on Amazon Linux? Obviously you wouldn’t be able to have the same range of products installed but it would be nice to have a choice of platforms for testing out EPM.

  2. Hi John,

    I finally have gotten around to getting this to work. Completely new to AWS etc, so I am rather excited I can actually have a fully properly installed Hyperion stack at my finger tips to play with. Its so frustrating finding a way to conveniently have some where to “play”, especially if its not available at your place of work. Installing on a local machine is just a bitch, so this is really really great. I’m so thankful to you.

    You’ve made a difference in my life! :-)


  3. Hi RS, The release removed Business Rules. Everything is now done from Calculation Manager which released back on the platform (presuming I recall that correctly).



  4. Is it common for this AMI to not reboot properly? Meaning, when I stop services, then shut down, upon bringing my AWS Server back online and RDP into environment, I get an ISAP error when trying to access the workspace shortcut.

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