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Making IE8 work on Hyperion 9.3x/11.x (Deprecated)

August 8, 2009 Leave a comment

NOTE:  Oracle released patches since this original article was published in July of 2009.   Please review my post on Patches and Hyperion compatibility.  I have had contacts about the article for those who wanted to change a couple of lines rather than apply complete patches; while I don’t recommend this approach I do respect the need  for work-arounds.

With Microsoft is becoming more aggressive with making IE8 the default Internet Explorer browser on windows platforms we are seeing more and more customers having issues with the Oracle | Hyperion 11.x platform and IE8.

The last few days I spent a little tracking down the compatibility issue.

When using IE8 with the 11.1 Suite you would encounter the below issues:

  1. If you log into Workspace and then run Planning or HFM and then log out of those you would get an error regarding a null object.
  2. I’ve also had reports of users logging into HFM and it just hanging although have not seen this behavior.
  3. Library job console links would not work properly when loading dimensions in EPMA or deploying apps in EPMA.

The Problem

The Hyperion platform makes use of a third party Ajax framework made by

They key conflict with IE8 is due to the versions 3.0 / 1.5 of Bindows attempting to use a null value for a zIndex property.  This property controls which objects show in front of other objects.

Microsoft documents the zIndex property at:

The Solution

The files that need updated are named (11.x) and (11.x/9.3x) core.js and there will be multiple copies on each application server.


  • _p.setZIndex=function(nZIndex){this.setStyleProperty(“zIndex”,nZIndex);}

NEW Code:

  • _p.setZIndex=function(nZIndex){if (nZIndex==null) this.setStyleProperty(“zIndex”,0); else this.setStyleProperty(“zIndex”,nZIndex);}


As always with IE you should setup your Hyperion Web Servers as Trusted Sites.

For IE7/IE8 to make menus work properly you need to ensure the below setting is enabled:

  • Navigate to Tools / Internet Options / Security / Trusted Sites / Custom level / Misc
  • Enable ‘Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraint’

Web Analysis is not compatible with Java 6 — for Web Analysis to work properly you will need to use Java 5 Update 22.


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